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HTeX Frequently Asked Questions

What are the School Hours?

How do I get in contact with someone at the school?

(619) 795-3600 or High Tech Front Desk Email: Maggie Fragoso, Site Manager

Where do I park?

Parking during Pickup and Drop-off can be challenging. It is recommended to park in the back lot of the Trader Joe’s parking area off Womble Rd during the busy rush times and walk your student to school. If you are parking during non-busy times of the day, you can easily find parking in the parking lot across the street from the school next to the Middle School on Truxtun Rd and Farragut Rd.

Where do I Pick Up/ Drop-Off?

A general rule is to drop off your student at the double doors of the entrance to the school. Pick up will be at the double door entrance or in the playground area. There are more specific pick-up and drop-off instructions and locations depending on your student’s class location and whether the student is participating in Before or After care. Please pay attention to the Pick-up and Drop-off instructions provided by our school Director, Dr. Melissa Han. There are also specific instructions for rainy day schedules.

Does the school offer Before/After Care?

Students can enroll in before and after care. To learn more, you can reach out to the Aftercare Manager, Tatiana Steward.

Where can I find the school calendar?

The school calendar can be accessed from the High Tech High website and the HTeX PA Family Portal. There is an option to add the High Tech Elementary Explorer Google calendar to your personal Google calendar by subscribing on this page:

How can I identify a carpool?

Please use this Carpool Connections 2023-24 link to help you connect and find carpools with families within the High Tech High Point Loma Schools (HTeX, HTe,


Where can I access the school menu?

School lunches are offered by Top Notch

How to report absences?

Email Maggie Fragoso, Site Manager at and your child’s teacher to let them know if your child will be missing school.

Picking up your child early?

Notify Maggie Fragoso, Site Manager at and your child’s teacher to let them know what time you will be picking up your child early.

How do I apply for the Free-Reduced Lunch?

Even though the meals are free, these applications are used for other purposes, including qualifying our schools for better funding to support student programs.

We highly encourage all families to apply:

Volunteering at HTeX?

What is Konstella?

Konstella is the  private bcommunication platform that connects parents together to learn about events, volunteer opportunities, meetings and any school or classroom announcements.

How do I sign up for Konstella?

You can sign up for Konstella at or with the QR code:

Click on “Find Your School” in the upper right of the screen and then type “High Tech Elementary Explorers”. Follow the prompts.

Does the school have Facebook or other Social Media?

While HTeX does not have an official school social media account, the HTeX Parent Association has a Facebook and Instagram sites.

Join our private Facebook group or follow "htexpa" on Instagram to stay up to date on all school events.

Other Resources

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○ HTeX website:

○ PA Family Portal website:

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PowerSchool Login: Explorer Powerschool